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Our decadent ice cream is made in small batches right here in St. Louis and all menu items are subject to change. Please stop in or call a scoop shop for exact ice cream flavor offerings.


Alcohol-infused ice cream made from scratch.

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Alcohol-infused ice cream made from scratch

Maple Bourbon with Candied Pecans

We infuse bourbon (St. Louis-based, Kentucky-distilled, Billy Idol-immortalized) into our Madagascar Vanilla ice cream, add maple syrup, sea salt and vanilla, and swirl in our salted and candied Missouri pecans. We created this flavor specifically for Dad and, umm… Billy Idol.

allergens: nuts, milk
contains: alcohol

Pink Champagne Sorbet – Vegan

The popularity of pink champagne rises and falls with the vagaries of fashion. While a rage during the “Belle Epoque”, it fell into disfavor during the years 1930-1975. Today it’s hotter than ever, known both as a wine for lovers as well as a “naughty” wine. Well, that’s right up our alley. We’ll eat to that. Cheers!

contains: alcohol


Dairy-free ice cream made from scratch.

Clementines Vegan Icecream

Dairy-free ice cream made from scratch

Vegan Coconut Fudge

Dairy-free-licious! Decadent chocolate, lush coconut cream and coconut milk.

allergens: tree nut (coconut) & soy

Vegan Lemon Poppyseed

Dairy-free-believe-it! This classic flavor combination gets a very vegan and mouthwatering refresh. Tart lemon plays against the subtle nutty flavor of poppy seeds. Coconut cream and coconut milk.

allergens: tree nut (coconut)

Vegan Raspberry Push Pop

Nostalgic delight of fresh, zippy raspberries blended into creamy coconut goodness, reminiscent of classic ice cream truck delights.

allergens: tree nut (coconut)

Vegan Tahini Chocolate Chip

This vegan treat is reminiscent of Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookie dough! Smooth and nutty tahini, real vanilla, brown sugar, natural vegan butter and dark chocolate flakes.

allergens: tree nut (coconut), soy, sesame


Handcrafted ice cream made from scratch ingredients.

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Handcrafted ice cream made from scratch ingredients

Decadent Coffee

We cupped and collaborated with Goshen Coffee of Edwardsville, Illinois, in choosing the ideal roast for the ultimate affogato. We call it the French Bistro Blend. As you can imagine, it is also the ideal roast for the ultimate coffee ice cream. A slightly sweet espresso roast with notes of chocolate.

allergens: milk

Gooey Butter Cake

A celebration of St. Louis’ iconic breakfast pastry. Chunks of gooey butter cake layered throughout a rich and tangy cream cheese ice cream.

allergens: soy, egg, wheat, milk 

Grandma Marie’s Butter Brickle

Sweet butter pecan ice cream sprinkled with soft toffee bits covered in brown sugar and chocolate.

allergens: milk, tree nut (almond, pecan), soy

Italian Butter Cookie

The original speculoos cookie. Europe’s perfect pairing with their coffee. Brown sugar, cinnamon, lightly caramelized ends. Fistfuls of speculoos pieces ribboned into our speculoos ice cream.

allergens: wheat, milk, soy

Madagascar Vanilla

Why Madagascar? There’s Tahitian and Mexican, but Madagascar vanilla is THE gold standard for vanilla as well as our fearless founder’s favorite.

allergens: milk

Midnight Pleasures

Triple dark chocolate (not bitter) ice cream made from three Fair Trade African chocolates. For those who like it dark, rich and strong.

allergens: milk

Salted Caramel Cookies & Cream

Moms throughout the centuries have known exactly how to brighten any day. A plate of cookies and a glass of cold milk has always been their secret weapon. Clementine’s Salted Cookies and Cream recipe is one that Mom would definitely approve of! Dark chocolate sandwich cookie crumble, rich cream and a decadent ribbon of salted caramel.

allergens: milk, wheat, egg and soy

Salted Cracker Caramel

A layer of chocolate, a layer of caramel and a layer of three types of crackers (saltines, pretzels and the famous 2” round crackers) distinguish our addictive and homemade cracker candy. We finish it with flake salt then crush heaps of it into our salted caramel ice cream. The ultimate sweet and salty mash-up.

allergens: milk, soy, wheat, tree nut (coconut)

Espresso Royale

Crafted with precision, this dark roast coffee flavor is made with a blend of Ethiopian and Sumatra beans for a rich, bold coffee taste with hints of vanilla and brown sugar.

allergens: milk

Exploded Banoffee Pie

A blend of ripe banana, rich toffee, and buttery biscuit crumbs, capturing the essence of the beloved Banoffee Pie in a frozen form

allergens: milk

Black Cherry Limeade

A zippy fruit sorbet with ripe cherries and zesty lime.

allergens: milk

Front Porch Mint Chip

A refreshing treat with natural, fresh spearmint plus dark chocolate flakes for flavor and texture contrast.

allergens: milk

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn ice cream made with creamed corn and browned butter for an elevated flavor.

allergens: milk

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Get our ice cream delivered just about anywhere in the St. Louis area. St. Louis’s favorite ice cream delivered right to your door.

Naughty & Nice Ice Cream

All of our unique ice cream flavors are subject to change. Since we rotate our flavors constantly, it’s always a nice surprise to find out what we have on the rail. All the flavors below and on our ‘Menu‘ page are great examples of what we may have waiting for you.