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Our decadent ice cream is made in small batches right here in St. Louis and all menu items are subject to change. Please stop in, or call or email us for exact ice cream flavor offerings.


Handcrafted ice cream made from scratch ingredients.

Clementines Nice Icecream

Handcrafted ice cream made from scratch ingredients

Gooey Butter Cake – scoops & pints

A celebration of St. Louis’ iconic breakfast pastry. Chunks of gooey butter cake layered throughout a rich and tangy cream cheese ice cream.

allergens: soy, egg, wheat, milk 


Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake – scoopspints 

Our famous gooey butter cake but with a touch of fall! Delicious spiced pumpkin ice cream blended with chunks of our house made pumpkin gooey butter cake.

allergens: soy, egg, wheat, milk


Butterscotch Budino – pints only

Based on the classic Italian dessert, our version is a decadent blend of salted caramel sauce, burnt butterscotch, a touch of dark rum all folded into our delicious custard base.

allergens: egg, milk


Salted Cracker Caramel – scoops & pints

A layer of chocolate, a layer of caramel and a layer of three types of crackers (saltines, pretzels and the famous 2” round crackers) distinguish our addictive and homemade cracker candy. We finish it with flake salt then crush heaps of it into our salted caramel ice cream. The ultimate sweet and salty mash-up.

allergens: soy, wheat, milk


Italian Butter Cookie – scoops & pints

The original speculoos cookie. Europe’s perfect pairing with their coffee. Brown sugar, cinnamon, lightly caramelized ends. Fistfuls of speculoos pieces ribboned into our speculoos ice cream. The perfect pairing with your face.

allergens: wheat, milk


Madagascar Vanilla – scoops & pints

Why Madagascar? There’s Tahitian and Mexican, but Madagascar vanilla is THE gold standard for vanilla as well as our fearless founder’s favorite.

allergens: milk


Midnight Pleasures – scoops & pints

Triple dark chocolate (not bitter) ice cream made from three Fair Trade African chocolates. For those who like it dark, rich and strong.

allergens: milk


Ambrosia – scoops & pints

Who says Ambrosia is just for the holidays? Our twist on the classic is a sweet blend of pineapple, mandarin oranges, fluffy marshmallows, crunchy coconut, tart amarena cherries and our tart yogurt base. Call grandma and let her know she has competition this year!

allergens: coconut, gelatin, milk


Decadent Coffee – pints only

We cupped and collaborated with Goshen Coffee of Edwardsville, Illinois, in choosing the ideal roast for the ultimate affogato. We call it the French Bistro Blend. As you can imagine, it is also the ideal roast for the ultimate coffee ice cream. A slightly sweet espresso roast with notes of chocolate.

allergens: milk


Black Tahini – pints only

Made with ground black sesame seeds, brown sugar, vanilla and our dairy base – plus a hint of activated charcoal – this earthy, almost peanut butter like flavor is perfect for Halloween with its ominous dark color.

allergens: sesame, milk


Sufganiyot – scoops & pints

Vanilla and nutmeg base with a touch of lemon, a slightly tart ribbon of house-made raspberry jam swirled around light, spongy yeast doughnuts conjures memories of times past.

allergens: wheat, milk


Rugelach – scoops & pints

Rich vanilla and cream cheese ice cream with notes warm cinnamon, brown sugar, sweet apricot and robust bites house-made Rugelach filled with walnut, sultanas and golden raisins. Bubbe would approve!

allergens: milk 


Persimmon Cardamom – scoops & pints

The national fruit of Japan happens to be our favorite homegrown fruit. We use fresh Missouri persimmons and a delectable persimmon butter made by our friends at Persimmon Hill Farm in the Ozarks. An aromatic blend of black and green cardamom brings out the subtle flavor and natural fragrance of persimmon.

allergens: wheat, nuts, milk


Peppermint – scoops & pints

Peppermint oil heightens the refreshing mintiness of our peppermint ice cream blended with crushed candy canes.

allergens: soy, coconut, milk



Dairy-free ice cream made from scratch.

Clementines Vegan Icecream

Dairy-free ice cream made from scratch

Coconut Chocolate Fudge – scoops & pints

Dairy-free-licious! Decadent chocolate, lush coconut cream and coconut milk.

allergens: coconut


Lemon Poppyseed – scoops & pints

Dairy-free-believe-it! This classic flavor combination gets a very vegan and mouthwatering refresh. Tart lemon plays against the subtle nutty flavor of poppyseeds. Coconut cream and coconut milk. 

allergens: coconut


Vanilla Bean – pints only

Dairy-free-can’t-stop-eating-it! We start with the same Fair Trade Madagascar vanilla that we use in our Madagascar Vanilla ice cream. The primary notes of the best vanilla in the world yield to a subtle finish of coconut.

allergens: coconut


Miso Maple – scoops & pints

Creamy coconut base with a sweet maple syrup and organic white shiro miso (no MSG!) and a touch of heat from cayenne powder.

allergens: coconut


Chai – scoops & pints

Big Heart Tea Co.: St. Louis-based, woman owned company hand blending the highest quality ingredients in small batches. Sounds familiar, eh? How could we not be great friends? These great friends make the greatest chai blend we have ever tasted. And we used it for this very special, very warming non-dairy flavor. Slightly spicy with notes of black pepper, cinnamon, allspice, cloves and cardamom.

allergens: coconut


Alcohol-infused ice cream made from scratch.

Clementines Naughty Icecream.png

Alcohol-infused ice cream made from scratch

Manhattan – scoops & pints

Award-winning Rally Point Rye Whiskey by St. Louis’ own Still630, sweet vermouth, tart cherry juice and a touch of pure vanilla. We liberally fold in amarena cherries from Italy’s Fabbri. The classic cocktail doubles down as the classic boozy ice cream flavor.

allergens: milk

contains: alcohol


Maple Bourbon w/Salted Candied Pecans – scoops & pints

We infuse Rebel Yell bourbon (St. Louis-based, Kentucky-distilled, Billy Idol-immortalized) into our Madagascar Vanilla ice cream, add maple syrup, sea salt and vanilla, and swirl in our salted and candied Missouri pecans. We created this flavor specifically for Dad and, umm…Billy Idol.

allergens: nuts, milk

contains: alcohol


Schlafly Proper Cider Sorbet | VEGAN – scoops & pints

Nothing more American than apple pie right? Schlafly’s crisp Apple Pie cider, sweet and slightly acidic honey crisp apple shrub, cinnamon and brown sugar.

contains: alcohol


Chocolate Cabernet – scoops & pints

Bruce Lee said, “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” Our chocolate ice cream infused with a big, bold cabernet sauvignon. Simply brilliant.

allergens: milk

contains: alcohol


Tequila Chocolate Mole – pints only

We infuse Anejo El Mayor Tequila into a dark chocolate ice cream blended with the sweet and subtle heat of our mole sauce. Slightly smoky with amazing caramel notes. “¡Mas helado, por favor!”

allergens: nuts, sesame, wheat, milk

contains: alcohol


Boozy Banana Rum – scoops & pints

Lady Bligh Spiced Rum. Roasted bananas seasoned with Vietnamese cinnamon. We use these ingredients with our all natural dairy to make an ice cream swirled with our homemade butterscotch caramel sauce. The tropics have never been so a-peelin’.

allergens: milk

contains: alcohol


Pink Champagne Sorbet | VEGAN – scoops & pints

The popularity of pink champagne rises and falls with the vagaries of fashion. While a rage during the “Belle Epoque”, it fell into disfavor during the years 1930-1975. Today it’s hotter than ever, known both as a wine for lovers as well as a “naughty” wine. Well, that’s right up our alley. We’ll eat to that. Cheers!

contains: alcohol



Rum Raisin – scoops & pints

Our take on the iconic flavor. First we soak black sultanas in Myers’s Dark Rum for 7 days. Cinnamon, brown sugar, sea salt and vanilla. Voila!

allergens: milk

contains: alcohol 


Fernet & Black Walnut – scoops & pints

Fernet-Branca was formulated in Milan in 1845 as a cure for a sundry of disorders including nervousness. Fast forward to today and Fernet is served as a shot in a rite of passage for mixologists…and, well…for nervousness. Triple dark chocolate ice cream punctuated with Fernet and black walnuts.

allergens: nut, milk 

contains: alcohol


Challah Bread Pudding – scoops & pints

Salted caramel ice cream spiked with Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream Liqueur, seeded with chunks of challah bread budding made with Companion Baking’s coveted challah loaves.

allergens: eggs, wheat, milk 

contains: alcohol





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Naughty & Nice Cream

All of our unique ice cream flavors are subject to change. Since we rotate our flavors constantly, it’s always a nice surprise to find out what we have on the rail. All the flavors below and on our ‘Menu‘ page are great examples of what we may have waiting for you.