Photograph of carrot cake with carrots and Clementines Carrot Cake ice cream

Spring Has Sprung With 3 New Ice Cream Flavors

What better way to celebrate the warm weather than with ice cream? We at Clementine’s have concocted three new delectable flavors that will surely put a spring in your step!

Our new spring flavor offerings include:

Photograph of Carrot Cake ice cream with carrot cake in background

Carrot Cake

With its vibrant orange hue, Clementine’s Carrot Cake screams spring. The ice cream captures all the comforting flavors of the signature spring dessert. Warming spices of cinnamon, clove, brown sugar complement fresh carrot, Medjool dates, golden raisins, and roasted Granny Smith apples. The “icing on the cake” is the cream cheese swirl!

Clementines Mystic Brownie ice cream bowl and pint

Mystic Brownie

Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop” serves as the inspiration for our new vegan ice cream. Mystic Brownie is a malty, herbaceous, sweet ice cream with dark ribbons of vegan fudge, fresh basil, and hops swirling throughout. The coconut cream ice cream also features gluten-free dark chocolate, basil, and hop brownies as well as candied German Briess cherry-smoked brewing malt. Envision green meadows and happy folks wearing flowers in their hair and basking in the sun while you enjoy this new flavor.

Photograph of The Dude ice cream in front of bottles of Kahlua and Sarsaparilla syrup

The Dude

This new naughty flavor is inspired by the iconic character from the cult classic, “The Big Lebowski.” With a White Russian in hand and consistent wardrobe of pajama pants and comfy sweaters, we can all channel “The Dude’s” chill attitude and indulge in the new flavor inspired by his favorite drink. The boozy White Russian-inspired ice cream features Clementine’s rich dairy base, Kahlua, Everclear, vanilla, and a swirl of Sarsaparilla syrup, an ancient plant known for its medicinal properties. The Dude is best enjoyed in a bathtub with an audiotape of whale songs. The Dude abides.

Get your hand-crafted, spring-inspired ice cream curbside at one of our store locations or get it delivered locally right to your door! We can also ship nationwide, so you can enjoy our ice cream wherever you are!