Two New Flavors To Take You To The Moon And Back

Two New Flavors To Take You To The Moon And Back

Here At Clementine’s, We Like To Think Of Ourselves As True Innovators…

With our feet planted firmly on the ground, we’ve always got our eyes on the skies, searching the stars for mankind’s next giant leaps forward (at least where ice cream is concerned). With this in mind, we’re proud to announce that we’ve developed two amazing new flavors that pay homage to both the Earth we call home and the stars that endlessly inspire us.

First, let’s blast off to the Moon with one of our newest flavor drops, Apollo. This cosmic chocolatey concoction pays homage to the brave Astronauts of the early space missions. And, just like them (well, sorta), we’re boldly going where no creamery has gone before! And where is that, you ask? Well, to the St. Louis Science Center, of course. We are proud to be partnering with the Science Center to help us launch this flavor far and wide! With puffy marshmallow moons and swirling caramel galaxies colliding in a cluster of scratch-made chocolate ice cream, Apollo is sure to make you see stars. Houston, we have your flavor!

After flying to the moon and playing among the stars with Apollo, it’s time to fall back to the ground and dig into the flavors that inspire us right where we live. To that end, we’ve partnered with another St. Louis institution that knows a thing or two about the Earth to bring you our latest flavor drop. That’s right, we’re working with our friends over at Eckert’s Farm to bring you the fresh and fruity Strawberry Bliss! This perfect summer flavor combines a sweet, off-the-vine strawberry ice cream with caramelized strawberry swirl and toasted pop tart pieces throughout.

And our Strawberry Bliss is just the beginning of a collaboration series with Eckert’s Farm. Our next, top-secret flavor drop will be straying away from strawberry reds and heading into greener territory. This one is going to blow your minds. Can you imagine what we have in store for you? Why not think it over with a scoop of Apollo while you marvel at the wonders at the St. Louis Science Center, or while you enjoying the summer sun on our patios with a refreshing taste of Strawberry Bliss.