Pucker For A Pint: 2019

Pucker For A Pint: 2019

Another February is here, and that means another chance to win a free pint of Clementine’s ice cream every month for the rest of the year. Winter can be cruel with its freezing winds, but the month of February brings warmth to our hearts as a time to celebrate love. It just so happens that one of the ways we express love is through ice cream, so we’re mixing up some frozen romance over here in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Last year we only chose one lucky winner, but this year, we’re choosing FOUR! So how does it work? Visit us at either of our stores–in Demun or Lafayette Square–and take a picture of yourself puckering up with your ice cream! You could be pictured kissing your romantic partner, your baby, your mom, your puppy, or simply your beloved ice cream! Once you take the picture, post it to the social media platform of your choice, and use the hashtag #puckerforapint to be eligible to win.

You’ll be sure to notice our #puckerforapint photo booth, where you can pose with your loved one or by yourself for a truly Instagram-worthy photo. It doesn’t matter whom you pucker up with, just get those lips in kissing position! You can upload your photo to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Just DON’T forget the hashtag #puckerforapint, or we won’t consider you for the extravagant reward. Wouldn’t that be sad?!! We’ll review all of the hashtagged photos posted throughout the whole month, and announce the winners on March 1st! So if you’re in the mood for love this February, and you’d like to win a free pint every month for the rest of 2019, get to Clementine’s and get to smoochin’!

To sweeten up our ice cream even more for Valentine’s Day, we’re topping off our customers’ scoops with an adorable miniature waffle heart. And if a guest so desires, we’ll adorn their ice cream with all-natural candy heart sprinkles.


As you’re coming in to participate in #puckerforapint, be sure to try our new February flavors! On February 1st, we’re introducing a special flavor called “143”. This is an homage to the legendary children’s show host, Mr. Rogers. “143” was his code for “I love you.” We’re spinning purple marshmallow swirls into our all-natural strawberry ice cream, and finishing it with Necco conversation hearts. And on February 8th, cherry lovers will cheer for our Cherry Chocolate Brownie flavor.