Northwest Berry Sorbet: Berry Good

Northwest Berry Sorbet: Berry Good

Here at Clementine’s, we firmly believe that ice cream is a superfood. We’re not just saying that because it’s delicious (although, let’s be real, it is); we also pack it chock-full with the best ingredients. Our new Northwest Berry Sorbet gets its delectable fruity flavor from a tantalizing medley of juicy blackberries, succulent boysenberries, and market-fresh huckleberries. Also, it’s vegan. Did we mention it’s vegan?

Northwest Berry sorbet (vegan) Photo courtesy of Crystal Rolfe
But we digress; let’s go back to ingredients. Blackberries have been a go-to snack for thousands of years. They’ve long been considered a delicious addition to wines, pies and jams, but Clementine’s is adding sorbet to the list! We source our blackberries from the sun-soaked valleys of Oregon, where they’re cultivated until they’re ripe, juicy and ready for picking.

Time for a quick history lesson: in the late 1920s, an adventurous foodie named George Darrow journeyed to Northern California in search of a mysterious reddish-purple berry grown on Boysen Farm. His quest led him right to the Boysenberry, a plump, seeded wonderberry that we’ve come to know and love. We’ve got Darrow to thank for our sweet, refreshing Northwest Berry Sorbet; it wouldn’t be the same without that boysenberry flavor.

Finally, we toss some delicious wild huckleberries into the mix. Huckleberries have a history nearly as robust as their delightful tart flavor; they were traditionally collected by Native American tribes foraging along the Pacific coast, as the berry was believed to have mystical healing properties. We can’t speak to their healing abilities, but we can confirm they taste great! We would describe fresh huckleberries as the icing on our cake…or maybe the sweetness in our sorbet.
Imagine all three berries combined into one magic elixir and scooped into creamy perfection. Now stop imagining, come by Clementine’s, and try a bowl for yourself! Whether you’re vying for a vegan treat or just craving something sweet, our Northwest Berry Sorbet is just what you’re looking for.

For all you vegan ice cream lovers out there: we’ve got more where Northwest Berry Sorbet came from! Clementine’s has at least three vegan flavors available in-store at all times! Be sure to stop by and try them all.