Introducing Ube

Introducing Ube

New Southeast Asian Addition!

Meet the newest addition to the Clementine’s Flavor Family: Ube! The vivid purple yam has long been considered a delicacy everywhere from South America to Sri Lanka, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to St. Louis this April.

Ube is a sweet purple yam used in Filipino dishes.

If we do say so ourselves, our Ube ice cream makes an excellent addition to our spring 2018 flavor lineup. Naturally sweet and decadent, Ube melds perfectly with a cool, creamy base to create a rich confection whose smooth texture is rivaled only by its delectable taste. You won’t be able to stop at just one spoonful!

Looking for an extra special treat? Grab a pint of Ube ice cream and fix yourself a Halo-Halo, a classic Filipino dessert. The shaved-ice sundae has already made its way into the hearts of NYC foodies and can be found everywhere fromupscale restaurants to open-air markets, but it’s easy to try the trendy dish for yourself! Halo-Halo comes in dozens of variations. The only question is, what will you make yours with?