Ice Cream For Breakfast Day At Clementine’s!

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day At Clementine’s!


Ice Cream for Breakfast Day @ Clementines (DeMun)

If we could eat ice cream for breakfast every day, we would. But since that’s unadvisable, we’re sure glad that a special day of the year exists to brighten up the first meal of the day with our favorite food. Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is on the first Saturday of every February–landing on the 2nd this year. How does one celebrate it? Pretty self-explanatory. Eat ice cream for breakfast, silly! Eat it with a spoon, eat it on a cone, eat it in a cup of coffee…however you want to do it, just make sure that 1.) it’s breakfast time, and 2.) you’re eating ice cream!

Now, you could stay home and eat grocery store ice cream in your kitchen; but how boring would that be? We invite you to celebrate with us, here at our Clayton location on DeMun Avenue from 8-11am! We’re taking this day very seriously by offering a FREE cup of our signature French Bistro Roast to customers to enjoy with their ice cream! The first fifty paying customers will receive our first ever Clementine’s coffee cup* to keep as a memento of this wondrous occasion.

We will have special breakfast ice cream flavors available, including Cereal Milk and Breakfast in Bed. What are those, you ask? Our cornflake filled Cereal Milk flavor is reminiscent of the simple joy of sipping the milk from your cereal bowl–without the residual milkmustache! Breakfast in Bed features our delicious egg custard, and is loaded with bits of candied bacon, maple pancake pieces, and maple syrup. So if you love ice cream, and you love traditional breakfast foods, this is your dream come true! 

Wait, there’s more! The amazing Dancakes will be in shop creating ice-cream-themed pancake art for our customers. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to eat a FREE beautifully-designed pancake. Yes, they exist. Prepare to be delighted by the talented artist as they craft pancake batter magic before your eyes!

Lastly (as if that weren’t enough), between 8-11am, we will be awarding each semi-finalist in our Best Pajamas Contest a $10 gift card as they vie for the grand prize of FREE ICE CREAM FOR ONE YEAR (our Nice Pint of the Month Card) and the honor of “Clementine’s Best Pajamas 2019.”

You might be wondering where we came up with Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. We swear we didn’t make it up! It began in the 1960s in Rochester, New York, when a woman named Florence Rappaport wanted to entertain her children one snowy morning. The family made it an annual tradition, and when the children grew up, they spread the tradition so that it still exists today in many parts of the world. We’re so grateful for that, because we’re always looking for an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast!