Green With Envy: Pandan And Grasshopper

Green With Envy: Pandan And Grasshopper

It was fitting that our new flavors, Grasshopper and Pandan both dropped circa St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll find their green hues will have piqued the interest of those around you. However, after a few bites, they’ll truly be green with envy as you enjoy every last bit of your delicious ice cream made by St. Louis’s only microcreamery.


Let’s start off with our decadent boozy ice cream creation, Grasshopper. For those who enjoy late-night dessert cocktails, this twist on the classic New Orleans cocktail will be the perfect nightcap. Our latest boozy ice cream blends creme de menthe and creme de cacao with our creamy vanilla base. So, after a night enjoying a show at the Muny in Forest Park or a ballgame downtown, our Clayton and Lafayette Square locations are conveniently located for you to make your night extra sweet.


If you haven’t noticed, we have been gleefully experimenting with Asian flavors. It started with Matcha & Soju, then Thai Tea and our latest flavor, Pandan. Those familiar with pandan may know it as screwpine and for its use as a natural wrap for adding a sweet, nutty flavor to meats and vegetables. Turns out that sweet and nutty flavor also makes for a delightful ice cream flavor with a unique profile that will leave you pining for more. Now that you’ve read this blog post, you’ll be ready to impress a date after a nice walk through Lafayette Square or Forest Park (yes, we have locations near both) followed by showing off your knowledge of this delicious Southeast Asian flavor profile.