Get Engaged? Our Ice Cream Is Photogenic.

Get Engaged? Our Ice Cream Is Photogenic.

Engagement Season At Clementine’s

Spring is almost here, and that can only mean one thing: It’s engagement photo season! If you’ve recently become engaged, it’s about time to find the perfect photographer, the perfect outfit, and the perfect location. We can’t help you pick out your wardrobe for the occasion, but we can point you towards the right setting for your special photo shoot: it’s none other than Clementine’s Creamery!

While other couples are likely to choose popular parks for their pictures, you can stand out by posing with your sweetheart at one of the sweetest places in St. Louis. If the two of you enjoy romantic outings for ice cream, you can express that part of your love story by using Clementine’s as your adorable backdrop. Whether you pose inside or outside one of our quaint shops, your photos will look cute and classy.

This isn’t just about pretty pictures. For anyone who chooses Clementine’s for your engagement photo environment, we’ll give a 10% discount for wedding catering! Want to know more about Clementine’s at weddings? Read this blog post! You can learn about the different catering options, and how we’ll help you choose the perfect flavors.

If you dream of having gourmet ice cream at your wedding with Clementine’s personal touch, here’s your chance to save some money and put it towards your honeymoon! So, plan that perfect engagement photo shoot, read up on our catering options, and book your date here! And be sure to email us for more information.