Flavors Of Love

Flavors Of Love

White Hot Love

Picture a cutie sitting across the room from you. Maybe he’s tall and skinny, wearing corduroys and carrying a beaten-up guitar case; maybe she has blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, laughing with her friends. The choice is yours. Regardless, they glance over. Your eyes meet. For a fleeting moment, neither of you can look away.

Suddenly, the figment of your fixation is getting up. They drop their guitar case or wave at their friends and before you know it they’re heading your way. You’re nervous, but smile at them and they smile back. They slow down as they approach you, and you notice them blushing gently. “I don’t mean to interrupt,” they murmur, “but may I have a bite of that?”

Of course they can. You offer them your spoon and let the taste of sweet, smooth white chocolate and tart Fabbri Amarena cherries embrace their taste buds with every spoonful of this delicious ice cream creation. Just like that, your fate is sealed. You’re falling in love. With the beguiling stranger? Maybe. With our new White Chocolate Cherry ice cream? Guaranteed.

Is That The Brandy Talking?

Let’s try another scenario. This time, you’re on a first date. You both reach for the pint of Brandy Alexander ice cream at the same time… and your fingers brush. You feel your heart beat faster, or is that just the E&J Brandy working its magic? Wherever the night may take you, when you’re equipped with our delectable Brandy Alexander, you know you’re in for a treat.

Getting Bubbly with You.

Take three: you’re out on the town with friends, and everyone is ready to celebrate with a bit of bubbly. Just as you’re about to pop the cork, a dazzling stranger taps you on the shoulder.

“Excuse me,” they say, holding out a bowl of Pink Champagne Sorbet. “Were you looking for this? It’s vegan.” Yes, you realize suddenly, our light, refreshing sorbet was exactly what you were looking for. We can’t promise that your first Pink Champagne Sorbet experience will go quite like this, but we can promise it’ll be something special.

Spring Fling

Fast forward to the kind of day that makes you believe springtime is just around the corner. You’re sitting in a field, book in hand, basking in the sunlight and listening to the birds chirp. Flowers are beginning to bud. You’ve finally shed all those bulky winter layers, and you can feel something new on the horizon.

Suddenly, the sun casts a ray of pale golden light on a figure in your peripheral vision. They’re lying on their stomach, enjoying a pint of Honey Lavender ice cream, and you’re smitten from the first glance. You shore up all your courage and approach them. “That looks big enough for two,” you say. “Want someone to share it with?”

They smile and offer you their spoon, the taste of lavender & honey from Baba Cool Farm hits your tongue, and the rest is history.

Are you looking for love, or just trying to get a little sugar? Either way, we’ve got four brand new flavors that you won’t be able to resist. Stop by either of our stores and find your own love story.

Photos by Kelly Cook