Clementine’s Says Farewell To 2018

Clementine’s Says Farewell To 2018

Wow! 2018 saw so many wonderful things happen for our growing business. I can’t tell you how amazing your support has been along the way, and none of this would be possible without any of you. From securing two coveted awards to our first full season scooping at Food Truck Fridays with Clementina and surviving a scare at our upcoming location, it’s been an incredible journey.

When we first opened our doors in Lafayette Square in 2015, we knew we had something special. Your compliments, reviews, and continued patronage are all we really need to keep us churning as the only microcreamery in St. Louis. However, when we attended this year’s NICRA conference and were headed home with two coveted awards, my heart was filled with joy as our peers in the industry were recognizing our dedication to our craft. None of this would have been possible without your support.

Feedback is at the center of our success and with it came the need for a new website. We started to see a rise in the number of visitors to our website, all wanting to get our decadent ice cream shipped to friends and family. Unfortunately, our online shop just wasn’t cutting it. We knew we had to make a change, so we invested in a new website to make your online shopping experience even better. With the new website came lower shipping rates and a better overall experience for our most dedicated fans (big announcement below about online shopping!).

Speaking of dedication, our friends at Jim Harper Creative ( were gracious enough to assist us in bringing a few new bits of swag to the Clementine’s lineup of wearables and posters. Just in time for National Ice Cream day, we launched a set of collectible posters and a few novelty t-shirts so our customers could show their love of our ice cream. They even helped us out with the packaging on our new coffee blend. We’re looking forward to what they come up with next year!

Next, we can’t forget Clementina. You can’t be successful in the ice cream business if you aren’t mobile, and Clementina was just the thing we needed, as her stout and sturdy 1984 mail truck body brought scoops to the public in style. She completed her first full season at Food Truck Friday, was spotted at several private and public events, and brought joy to Southampton on National Ice Cream day.

We’re very excited for what 2019 will bring! We’ve listened to your feedback and will soon be featuring 4 vegan flavors at all times on the rail in addition to the sorbets that we always offer.  We look forward to at last opening our Macklind Avenue location in Southampton. Please know that we are doing everything in our power to open this shop as fast as we can. Thank you for your patience and please look forward to a spring opening. You can always expect us to create new and interesting flavors for your enjoyment and to continue to find our way into new neighborhoods near you. Thank you all for a wonderful 2018! We would be nowhere without you!