Clementine’s Gift Guide

Clementine’s Gift Guide

A Clementine’s Guide To Naughty Gifts, Nice Gifts, And Everything In Between

Time is Melting Away, But Our Ice Cream Isn’t!

Christmas is in a few days, and you still need to get a gift for that one family member or friend. Luckily for you, they love Clementine’s Creamery. Your gifting decision has just gotten extremely easy–or perhaps difficult–because we have a bucket-load of merchandise to choose from. Read on as we guide you through our dazzling gift options!

Gift Idea 1: A Clementine’s-Themed Gift Bag

Clementine’s has a plethora of small gifts that you could converge into a large gift! Consider giving your loved one the simple joy of our Salted Candied Pecans, and a gorgeous jar of Mike’s Hot Honey. Add an adorable ice cream koozie or stylish Clementine’s handkerchief. If they truly love Clementine’s, they’ll be enamored with our limited edition posters. While you’re at it, check out our graphic t-shirts (perhaps they’ll dig the skull design), and top off your assortment of goodies with our oh-so-pretty disco pins! And of course, if you’re on a budget, simply choose just one or two of our comely commodities.



Gift Idea 2: The Prevailing Gift Card

How much ice cream is your loved one worth? No pressure. They’ll be delighted by a Clementine’s gift card of any size! You can purchase one online for $25, $50, or $100, come into the store and purchase any amount, or send them an eGift card for any amount.  

Gift Idea 3: Pint Club

Move over, fruit of the month. The Clementine’s lover in your life deserves something much naughtier–or nicer, depending on which package you choose. When you purchase your loved one a year-long subscription to The Pint Club, they can stop by our scoop shop for a pint once every month. What better way to say that 2019 is going to be the best year ever? There are two options: Nice Pint of the Month, and Naughty Pint of the Month. The one you choose will say a lot about the receiver.

Tick Tock, Time to Shop!

There you have it, folks! Now all you have to do is decide which gift idea is best for that ice cream connoisseur in your life. We hope we’ve given you the icespiration you’ve been waiting for. Now get to shopping, before the time melts away!