Photograph of Jasmine Tea in bowl with chopsticks

Botanical Series: Jasmine Tea

Our Final Installation of the Botanical Series

At the end of February, we introduced White Chocolate Geranium, the first member of our springtime flavor collection christened the Botanical Series. In March, we saw the return of Pistachio Rosewater and Honey Lavender. For those who have not tasted it yet, Pistachio Rosewater is gentle in its nuttiness and soft in its floral embrace. Honey Lavender is richly nectarous and blooming with amethyst magic. Many of our guests enjoy pairing the two for a pastel portrait suited for a fairytale. And if they’re feeling truly adventurous, they’ll add luminous White Chocolate Geranium as their third scoop for the perfect triad.

White chocolate cherry
We’ve finally ushered in the final character of this efflorescent quartet, Jasmine Tea. While not vibrant in color, Jasmine Tea embodies an earthy warmth in appearance, with a cultivated spice in flavor. Jasmine buds are blended with the tea to create an ice cream steeped in exotic richness. As you roam the streets in this blossoming season or stroll through the Missouri Botanical Garden, you’ll feel inspired to taste the intimate zest of our newest menu item.

We hope as you are out enjoying the verdancy of the season, you will stop in for these nature-inspired flavors. Make Clementine’s a memorable part of your spring with an ice cream assortment you won’t find anywhere else. And be on the watch as we prepare to release a Botanical Series gift pack! All four flavors will be packaged together for you or a loved one to experience the full spectrum of our flowery celebration.

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If you’re preparing to take engagement photos, consider posing at Clementine’s for 10% off our wedding catering. Any scoop from our Botanical Series would be a lovely addition to your pictures. If you are already planning to have Clementine’s at your wedding this spring, White Chocolate Geranium, Pistachio Rosewater, Honey Lavender, and Jasmine Tea would all be unforgettable flavors for your reception. Whichever flavors you choose, we know this: bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and father-in-laws will be lining up to experience the creamy romance that is Clementine’s Creamery.
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