Affogato: Love Italian Style

Affogato: Love Italian Style

Imagine a fresh scoop of our Madagascar Vanilla ice cream. If you’ve had our ice cream, I bet your mouth is watering already. Now, think of the sound of a shot of espresso being brewed followed by that strong rich smell. Let’s just pour that shot right on top of the ice cream. The hot espresso’s effect on that freezing cold handcrafted ice cream is nothing short of magical, creating a texture that is one of a kind. This is called an Affogato, and it’s a truly decadent treat for all five senses.

Affogato is Italian for “drowned” – as in the ice cream is “drowned” in espresso. Doesn’t that just make you want one ASAP? (Side note: Food may be the only thing that the imagery of drowning is not only acceptable, but encouraged!)

Ice cream and espresso blend.

It’s a traditional Italian dessert that is served throughout the country. This treat is typically most popular on hot summer days in Italy as it goes perfectly with a stroll down a historical street, but here at Clementine’s we think that it is delicious all year round. (And why not pretend the streets of Lafayette Square are Italy?)

Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery has been serving Affogato since we opened, and it is one of our many little secret treats. We can even add a shot of Amaretto, whiskey, or whatever strikes your fancy if you’re feeling a bit naughty. And don’t think you have to be married to the idea of vanilla ice cream either! We can make an Affogato with absolutely any of our regular or boozy ice cream flavors. Try one with our Kickass Chocolate for a mocha like flavor, or with our Decadent Coffee for a super caffeinated wonder!

Whatever your taste buds are craving, Clementine’s is your go-to stop in St. Louis for an Affogato. We can almost guarantee that it will be your new favorite dessert!

It’s also a wonderful addition to our catering services! Clementine’s is proud to cater your holiday party! Holiday party catering is one of the things that we love about this time of the year. Seeing someone’s face light up like a Christmas tree when they try one of our sweet treats never stops being one of our favorite things. Adding some naughty and nice flavors to a private get-together or office party will get people talking about the party for months after it’s over. Go to the catering section of our website and drop us a message to book us for your next event!