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Now That’s What We Call Christmas Cheer

Get a Pint(s) of Holiday Cheer

Lights are twinkling and candy canes are twirling, but maybe you have the Christmas blues. If that’s the case, we know how to lift your spirits–with some spirits. And no, Charles Dickens, we’re not talking about ghosts. Our Peppermint Bark ice cream–a holiday staple since we opened in 2015–is back for the season, it’s jovial taste brimming over with Irish mirth. This flavor is a collaboration with our friends at Luxco, as we infuse our frozen bliss with their St. Brendan’s Peppermint Bark Irish Cream Liqueur–made with authentic dairy in Ireland! We bulk up the ivory scoops with scratch-made peppermint candy chunks coated in dark chocolate. The smoothness of each spoonful is punctuated by a festive crunch, and the liquor gives you that holiday glow.

peppermint bark 3

Also, to perk up eggnog lovers, we have another holiday flavor: “Coquito,” Spanish for little coconut. Since we didn’t want to do a straight eggnog ice cream, this “Puerto Rican eggnog” flavor puts a twist on tradition with the infusion of Luxco’s Lady Bligh Spiced Rum. Made with velvety coconut milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum, this flavor enamors both those who like to snuggle up with a cup of eggnog and those who maraud the Seven Seas.

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Still feeling blue? Come into Clementine’s and we’ll do our best to warm your heart with ice cream for the holidays.

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