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Sweet and Savory Summer Selections

Introducing our BBQ collaboration with the Capitalist Pig!

With high temperatures making an early appearance this year, the St. Louis sun is melding together a pair of local culinary favorites to bring you two quintessential summer treats: BBQ inspired and infused ice cream treats, courtesy of Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery and Capitalist Pig BBQ at Mad Art Gallery.

The first flavor, “Sweet & Smoky,” is a bold, sweet-and-savory concept featuring a hearty hand-crafted ice cream from Clementine’s infused with Capitalist Pig’s signature Sweet Jesus BBQ sauce and – yes you’re reading this correctly – chunks of smoky brisket. And, for the vegetarians (who thought ice cream would ever need a vegetarian designation?!) who don’t want to miss a moment of this sweet ice cream action, the collaborators are also offering a “Sweet Cornbread” flavor. Much like the brisket-infused concoction, “Sweet Cornbread” features another staple from the Capitalist Pig menu, namely their famous homemade cornbread (dipped in white chocolate…yum), peppered throughout a luscious sweet corn ice cream from the kitchen at Clementine’s.

sweet cornbread

What more could you want in a summer treat? Ice cream? Check. BBQ? Check and double check. These two new ground-breaking flavors are sure to be more than just a hit at your next backyard party. So for all your upcoming summer celebrations, don’t bother cleaning grill and lose the “Kiss the Chef” apron. Instead, visit Capitalist Pig or either of the two Clementine’s locations to pick up your scoop or pint of these sweet summer collaborations.

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