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Sundae at the Ballpark

Our baseball themed sundae benefitting Cardinals Care is stepping up to the plate.

Introducing a sundae fit for champions!

All season long, you can scoop up our Sundae at the Ballpark for a grand slam of a dessert. The decadent, mouthwatering confection features not one but two of our classic small-batch flavors: Midnight Pleasures- a creamy combination of three fair-trade Kenyan chocolates- and simply delicious Madagascar Vanilla. Next at bat, our from-scratch honey peanut sauce layers perfectly with rich hot fudge. This year’s topping lineup: cracker-jacks, chocolate covered peanuts, a Molasses Puff from local craft chocolatier Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, and a dollop of whipped cream- plus, strawberry sauce and what’s a sundae without a cherry on top? Naturally, the whole shabang comes in a Cracker Jack box to ensure that your taste buds and your Instagram feed hit a home run.

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Need another reason why the our Sundae at the Ballpark is this season’s MVP? Fifty percent of the sales go towards Cardinals Care, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children in the St. Louis area. Cardinals Care has provided millions of dollars in grants to nonprofit youth organizations since its establishment in 2004. In addition, Cardinals Care launched the Redbird Rookies program, a free baseball league serving nearly 4,500 kids per year, many of whom might never have otherwise gotten an opportunity to play. Let’s recap: you can make a positive impact on children in our community simply by treating yourself to a spectacular ice cream sundae! Now there’s a pitch you can’t miss. Do we hear the crowd going wild?

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