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Oy Vey! New Jewish Flavors at Clementine’s®

Sufganiyot & Rugelach just in time for the Jewish Holidays

Hanukkah is right around the corner and Clementine’s is ready to fill your palate with the taste of the season. Check out our two newest flavors, Sufganiyot and Rugelach, both inspired by traditional Jewish pastry recipes. As millions of Jews around the world are readying to light their menorahs and celebrate Hanukkah, the festival of lights, we’re delighted to be dropping these two flavors just in time for the festivities. And although these flavors are distinctly Jewish in origin, they’re certainly universally delicious and sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

sufganiyot 2

First up we have Sufganiyot, Hebrew for fried fritters or better known as jelly donuts. Fried foods like potato pancakes (latkes) and sufganiyot are Jewish holiday staples. Both deep fried, these dishes commemorate the miracle of the burning oil lamps in the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Being the ice cream junkies that we are, we’ve expertly adapted this traditional pastry into an inventive new flavor. We combined a savory olive oil ice cream with swirls of sweet raspberry and doughnut chunks from our friends at Vincent Van Doughnut to create a beautiful mixture of textures and tastes that’s guaranteed to please.


Next, our Rugelach flavor is our take on another very popular pastry of the same name that can be found in almost any Jewish deli or bakery. This tart apricot ice cream is blended with scratch-made pastry featuring English walnuts and raisins folded together with a cream cheese crust. With all the makings of a traditional rugelach pastry, our interpretation is a hearty yet sweet scoop that anybody could fall in love with.

We’re so excited to be bringing these two pastry-infused flavors to our scoop shops and to be honoring a deep tradition of Jewish cuisine. Be sure to come by either of our two locations in Lafayette Square or Clayton to pick up a few pints of these new flavors to share with your family during before, during, and after the Hanukkah season!     

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