Oh…It’s European

Warm up with our European Sipping Chocolate

Baby, it’s cold outside. Like really, really cold. But have no fear, we’ve got just the thing to keep you from turning into an icicle! Give your frigid fingers and trembling taste buds some relief from the icy conditions this winter with these beautifully crafted European sipping chocolates from our friends at Christopher Elbow Chocolates out of Kansas City, Missouri.


This line of high-intensity hot-chocolate drinks isn’t your average, store-bought powdered hot cocoa, though. Far from it! These mixtures of pure, ground chocolate are expertly sourced and blended to deliver a luxurious, dense mouthfeel and exquisite, bold chocolate flavor. Each year, these sipping chocolates are definitely one of our favorite things about the cold weather and once you take your first sip you’ll never look at a packet of Swiss Miss again.

We’ll be carrying two varieties of Elbow’s decadent hot chocolate, their classic Cocoa Noir in addition to their Ecuadorian Costa Esmeraldas. Both feature rich, dark chocolatey flavor profiles that strike the perfect balance between sweet and bittersweet. We can’t wait for you to try these artisanal European sipping chocolates, whether in our scoop shops or at home with your family on a crisp winter evening.  

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