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National Ice Cream Day 2018

Who here is familiar with Proclamation 5219? Anyone, hmm? You, in the back? No? Nobody knows the significance of Proclamation 5219? Wow, isn’t that something? Here at Clementine’s we always just assumed that everyone reveres this most sacred document with the same degree of seriousness that we do. For us, it’s nearly a sacred text. Oh, sorry, you want to know what we’re talking about, don’t you? Well, ok, we’ll let you in it.

Proclamation 5219 is the glorious piece of paper, handed down to us by President Ronald Reagen, that brought into existence our favorite time of the year, National Ice Cream Day! In his original words, Reagan “{calls} upon the people of the United States to observe these events with appropriate ceremonies and activities” and, every year, come the third Sunday in July, we do just that.

And this year is no different! We’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate not only the delicious frozen delight we’ve dedicated ourselves to, but also our awesome and dedicated fans who make it all more than worth it! From delectable featured flavors, to swag giveaways, social media contests, and pop-up shops, here’s a little taste of what we have lined up for all of our ice cream lovin’ family and friends out there.

  1. On Sunday, July 15, the first 50 paying customers at each location will receive one of our new Clementine’s t-shirts.
  2. Each shop will have 1,000 Clementine’s steel pinback buttons to giveaway until they’re gone. One per guest, please; while supplies last.
  3. Come try our two new featured flavors: Strawberry Bliss & Blue Moon. Or have a scoop of each with a scoop of an old favorite, Gooey Butter Cake, and you’ll have a tasty threesome of updated-classic American flavors in celebration of the most iconic of American desserts!
  4. SOHA POP-UP! Clementina, our ice cream truck, will be selling ice cream at the future home of Clementine’s in the South Hampton neighborhood. We will be selling our frozen treats from 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. at 4715 Macklind Avenue between the Macklind Avenue Deli and Russell’s. In celebration of the day, our first 50 paying customers will receive one of our new Clementine’s t-shirts!
  5. Enter our contest for FREE ICE CREAM for a year and some sweet swag. Contest details below.

Rules of entry:


Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. From Friday, July 6 through Sunday, July 15, post a photo of your favorite Clementine’s ice cream cone or cup using the hashtags #nationalicecreamday #clementinesstl. We’ll pick a winner at random at the end of the day on July 15 and send that winner one of our new Clementine’s t-shirts, a Clementine’s enamel pin, and our Pint of the Month card. That’s right, free ice cream for a year!

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