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Mugolio & Butternut Squash

A taste you’ll pine for…

Now scooping: Mugolio! This new addition is perfect for those who enjoy a more herbaceous dessert. Our latest ice cream treat is a burst of pine resin and sweet mountain scents of delicate maple, rosemary and wild herbs.


Mugolio is a distinctive syrup created by forager Eleonora Cunaccia of Primitivizia in the heart of the Dolomite Alps National Park, Trento, Italy. Eleonora is one of the few residents in the area given permission to gather by hand the tender young buds of the Mugo pine in early May. The fragrant buds macerate in water and sugar during the sunny summer months until September, when the must is filtered. The resulting syrup is cooked over low fire with additional sugar until thick and golden brown.


You won’t have to be convinced to eat your veggies with our new vegan ice cream: Butternut Squash Sorbet!  Mango and squash are perfectly matched with 7 veggies including carrots and greens in a taste sensation that keeps one asking for more. The taste moves back and forth between the mango and the squash, with hints of veggies popping through. Veggies never tasted better!

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