Our decadent ice cream is made in small batches right here in St. Louis and all menu items are subject to change. Please call or email us for exact ice cream flavor offerings.
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handcrafted ice cream made from scratch ingredients.
  • Gooey Butter Cake

    Tangy cream cheese, butter, & chunks of our delicious scratch-made Gooey Butter Cake.

  • Salted Crack Caramel

    Rich caramel, sea salt, vanilla, and our scratch made cracker candy pieces.

  • Italian Butter Cookie

    This deliciously rich ice cream evokes memories of being in your Italian grandmother's kitchen and licking the Italian speculoos cookie batter off the spoon.

  • Madagascar Vanilla

    A combination of the most sought after beans in the world and our proprietary dairy base. Perfectly light, sweet and rich.

  • Midnight Pleasures

    Double-dark chocolate ice cream made from three African chocolates for those who like it dark, rich and strong.

  • Cherry Chocolate Brownie

    We lovingly fold amarena cherries and scratch-made fudge brownies into dark chocolate cherry ice cream

  • 1-4-3

    All-natural strawberry ice cream and magic purple marshmallow swirls finished with candy conversation hearts.

  • White Chocolate Geranium

    Soft and gentle, eases you into a dreamy pastoral experience. The beautiful ivory color, created with white chocolate ganache, will remind you of a glorious spring wedding with a delicate hit of geranium.

  • Pistachio Rosewater

    This kulfi-inspired delight will amaze and brighten your senses, while imagining yourself at the coast.

  • Thai Tea

    Our tantalizing Thai Tea blends in-house cold brewed Thai tea with a hint of annatto into a creamy concoction.


alcohol-infused ice cream made from scratch
  • Manhattan

    Rally Point Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, tart cherry juice and a touch of vanilla. A classic cocktail made into a beautifully boozy ice cream concoction.

  • Maple Bourbon w/ Candied Pecans

    Rebel Yell bourbon, maple syrup, sea salt, and vanilla with our salted candied pecans swirled in.

  • B-52

    This delicious new boozy flavor is a twist on the delightful layered shot named after the band. It combines the coffee notes of Kahlua, creamy Irish cream and a touch of Gran Marnier. The only thing it's missing is the flame!

  • Chocolate Cabernet

    Our signature chocolate ice cream infused with a big, bold Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine pairing has never been this indulgent.

  • Tequila Chocolate Mole

    Dark chocolate ice cream blended with the sweet, subtle heat of our house-made mole sauce and infused with Anejo El Mayor tequila. Slightly smoky, sweet, spicy with amazing caramel notes.

  • Coquito

    Spanish for little coconut. This boozy delight blends velvety coconut milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum. Perfect for those who like to snuggle up with a cup of eggnog, and those who maraud the Seven Seas.


dairy-free ice cream made from scratch
  • Cashew Salted Caramel

    Crafted with cashew milk, sweetened with dates and balanced with a touch of sea salt, this vegan treat is a can't-miss.

  • Coconut Chocolate Fudge

    Coconut milk, rich dark chocolate, and just a touch of sea salt.

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  • Lava Love

    Warm molten lava cake topped with hot fudge and a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

  • Signature Sundae

    One scoop of Gooey Butter Cake & a scoop of Salted Crack Caramel topped with hot fudge, salted candied pecans, and fresh honey whipped cream.

  • Affogato

    One scoop or Madagascar Vanilla with a shot of espresso.

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