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Ice Cream Weddings with Clementine’s

With this scoop, I thee wed…

Michelle and August’s wedding day was unseasonably hot for October 6th–which made it all the sweeter that they had ice cream at their reception. But not just any ice cream–their favorite ice cream, from their very own neighborhood. The couple moved to Lafayette Square in 2015 and attended Clementine’s soft and grand openings. Safe to say, they were instant fans, and even befriended co-owner Tamara.  When the time came to plan for their wedding, they knew they wanted Clementine’s Creamery to mix frozen bliss into their newlywedded bliss, so they reached out to Tamara to make the magic happen.

Michelle August  0882

Photo credit: @amandaforbesphotographer

Clementine’s has three options for weddings: Clementina the Ice Cream Truck (fantastic for outdoor weddings), Spokes & Spoons the Bicycle Cart, and the ever-elegant Ice Cream Station.

For their classic indoor venue, Michelle and August chose the Ice Cream Station, which allows couples to choose four flavors to serve on their special day. The couple went with two classic, crowd-pleasing favorites: Gooey Butter Cake and Midnight Pleasures. For their other two choices, they had their absolute favorite, Cinnamon Apple Pie, and a unique creation, Strawberry Poptart. They even were able to have their favorite Clementine’s employee, Tom, as their ice cream scooper for the evening. Michelle notes that he didn’t stop scooping ice cream the entire two hours of service, it was such a huge hit with guests.

Friends and family still rave about the uncommon wedding treat, and Michelle’s grandma is especially fond of reminiscing about the amazing gourmet ice cream at her granddaughter’s wedding.

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Photo credit: @amandaforbesphotographer

Since 2014, Clementine’s has brought icy joy to around 300 weddings and has charmed brides and grooms who want something more memorable than a cake that no one actually eats. If you or someone you know got engaged over the holiday season, and handcrafted wedding ice cream sounds like a dream come true, look no further than Clementine’s Creamery. We have over forty delicious flavors to choose from; Naughty, Nice, vegan, sorbet–you tell us what you’re envisioning, and we’ll help you select your perfect wedding-day variety! With our glamorous catering options, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the idea of incorporating frozen scoops into your nuptials. And who knows–maybe there will soon be a saying that Clementine’s on your wedding day brings good luck!

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Photo credit: @amandaforbesphotographer