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Clementine’s® French Bistro Roast Coffee

Let’s get French Roasted together.

Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery® is proud to announce that we are adding a new dimension to our product line and it’s probably one of our favorite things in the world, well besides ice cream of course. Yes, we’re talking about coffee, java, joe, mud, or whatever you like to call it! And this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill coffee either, because we wanted a roast that would not only taste exquisite on its own but would also be the perfect blend to pair with our scratch-made ice cream. So we went to our friends at Goshen Coffee to craft an espresso roast that would be elegant, smooth, and slightly sweet with subtle notes of chocolate. And we couldn’t be happier with what they came up with for us: Clementine’s French Bistro Roast, the very first coffee ever to be produced with the intent of being paired with ice cream. We do love being trendsetters!

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You can get a taste of this painstakingly perfected coffee paired with our luscious Madagascar Vanilla (our suggested flavor choice) at either of our two St. Louis locations as an affogato. Italian for ‘drowned’, this trendy treat features a scoop of our handcrafted ice cream literally swimming in this new, decadent, and elegant blend of Indonesian coffees. The result: a palate-pleasing swirl of creamy, caffeinated bliss enhanced by the interplay between the rich vanilla of the ice cream and the robust, chocolate notes from our espresso beans.

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So, come on in and enjoy the latest, greatest addition to the Clementine’s brand. Whether you grab a bag of beans to enjoy at home or you decide to indulge in a luxurious affogato, we’re sure you’ll love Clementine’s French Bistro Roast.

Photo Oct 17 3 07 13 PM
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