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Cherry Chocolate Brownie

Love your palate…

We hope that, by now, you’ve heard of our Mister Rogers flavor, called 143. It’s our homage to an icon of neighborly love. Well, now it’s time to give some attention to romantic love. Valentine’s Day is, after all, a day to celebrate all kinds of love, including erotic. We’re doing that with our sensuously decadent flavor, Cherry Chocolate Brownie. In this concoction, we’re marrying the most romantic fruit with the most romantic sweet treat.

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For this flavor, we lovingly fold amarena cherries and scratch-made fudge brownies into dark chocolate cherry ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly; we’ve created a creamy chocolate base that also captures the distinct tartness of cherry. The blending of indulgent chocolate and sultry cherry into one flavor makes for a truly romantic ice cream experience like none other. But we’re not finished yet. Ribbons of dark chocolate cherry fudge sauce seductively lace these tempting scoops.

After you’ve wined and dined your darling, we think you’d be amiss to not clench a cup or cone of Clementine’s Cherry Chocolate Brownie ice cream. This is the union of scrumptious juiciness and pheromone-releasing indulgence. We can’t think of a better flavor to fuel passion this Valentine’s Day. There’s a time and place for Mister Rogers, but let’s allow Cupid to have his moment, too.

brownie cherry
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