Trick or Treat with our Black & Blood Float

I Vant to Drink Your Float


If only Edward and Bella had this delicious float to bond over, Jacob would have been a distant afterthought in their teen love triangle. Try our new Black & Blood float and you'll totally be #TeamClementines this Halloween.

Our October Float of the Month combines our deliciously dark Black Cherry Ash ice cream with Excel Bottling Red Cream Soda and tops it off with our honey whipped cream and dark chocolate sprinkles. Your ice cream lust will be fulfilled as deep notes of cherry pair with cream and a touch of chocolate from the soda and sprinkles. This float is sure to haunt your a good way, of course!

So, what are you waiting for? Get down here, tell us a joke, and enjoy our delicious Black & Blood ice cream float available at both of our scoop shops!