The Sweetest Thing on Four Wheels!

 Clementine the truck

This may be our most adorable creation to date… She’s tiny, she’s two-toned, and she’s filled with the sweetest, creamiest, most creative concoctions in St. Louis. Meet Clem, Clementine’s new special events ice cream truck!

Clem is (or should we say, was) one of those classic postal trucks from 1984 (You know, the year George Orwell thought we’d all be ruled by Big Brother?), who has been painstakingly restored to her current vintage splendor. Although she won’t be rolling through neighborhood
streets handing out packaged ice pops to lines of children, she will be setting up shop at events all over the city (like Food Truck Friday!). Clem can also be rented out for just about any event, from Hanukkah gatherings to Christmas parties, to NYE bashes, and absolutely everything in between. (Ahem…can you think of a better way to show your employees you appreciate them than by renting a truck filled with the best ice cream in St. Louis?)

We’re ready to pack up the flavors of your choice for your next event – this goes for everything we make, including our boozy ice cream! Check out our list of current flavors and if you’re looking to reserve Clem, just visit our catering page to get started!

Our newest addition was dreamt up a while ago, and willed into being by ice cream lovers like YOU. We received so many inquiries about making our ice cream mobile that we just had to answer the call. So we’d like to take a moment to say, THANK YOU! Your interest in Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery is so very appreciated, and we hope Clem is able to fulfill every outgoing order with an ice cream truck smile (just check out her grill!).

Remember, Clem is new to town and super eager to meet all of you, so if you see her on the street, in all of her ice cream truck beauty, be sure to wave!

Tamara Keefe

Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery, 1637 S 18th St, St Louis, MO, 63104, United States