Killer Kones

Now Serving: Konery Artisan Cones

We're proud to be carrying artisan ice cream cones by the folks at The Konery in Brooklyn, NY. These fantastic cones aren't your everyday waffle or sugar cone. They're handmade and flavored with all natural ingredients, perfect for your next naughty or nice ice cream pairing.



The waffle cone has always had a simple, sweet taste with no distinct character or flavor. And as ice cream has evolved, sadly the beloved cone has remained unchanged. Determined to give the waffle cone a flavorful twist and modern identity, The Konery was created.

Fresh herbs, spices, natural extracts, and gourmet ingredients are baked into every cone, creating a deliciously unique taste and texture. Each cone is then hand rolled, cooled and ready to be filled and enjoyed! Our cones are naturally free of dairy, additives and preservatives.


Clementine's will be carrying:

  • Salty Blue corn

  • Toasted Coconut

  • Red Velvet

  • Orange Dreamsicle