It's All About the Toppings



Clementine's, as we know, is a locally owned microcreamery proudly serving the greater Saint Louis area with more than your conventional flavors, by offering an array of flavor and topping combinations made with quality ingredients that is easily a winner against the competition. Sure, other places offer ice cream, but what other place offers Chocolate Cabernet, Strawberry with Balsamic and White Pepper, or Pistachio, Rosewater and Cardamom to name a few?


Though we know all about the variety of naughty and nice flavors, we should call special attention to another element of our ice cream… toppings! For some, toppings are a way to supplement the missing flavors from a plain ice cream flavor, however, for Clementine’s, toppings bring the deliciousness to another level. We’re not talking run-of-the-mill nuts and chocolate, we have a variety of inventive toppings to accompany our inventive flavors!


Fleur De Sel is French sea salt that compliments any sweet ice cream with that savory flavor everyone craves!


Maple Cinnamon Madness, no this isn’t a typo! This is a topping with the sweetness of maple, followed by a spicy kick of cinnamon and nut variety courtesy of Wataya Nuts , a locally sourced and owned snack company.


Another flavor that’s bound to be an american classic is the candied bacon. A delectable flavor that goes with just about anything, and of course, made with real bacon. Try it with a couple of our naughty or nice ice creams, and you won’t be disappointed.


Cracker Candy is typically a holiday treat, but we get to enjoy it year-round with the buttery and chocolate flavors to compliment any ice cream you put this on top of, it’s no wonder why this is a holiday favorite!


Some may believe that plain whipped cream is good, but you haven’t experienced delicious whipped cream until you try our fresh honey whipped cream. This type of whipped cream is a slightly sweeter take on whipped cream, handcrafted at Clementines, NEVER from a can.  This whipped topping is a delicious addition without being too overpowering on the ice cream and other toppings selected to tickle your taste buds, and is absolutely a must-try.


Another new twist on a classic flavor is the salted candied pecans. They bring a different nutty salty and sweet flavor to the ice cream than walnuts and peanuts do, and it’s delectable. This can really be served on top of anything, but tastes fantastic with some of our chocolate sauce. Speaking of toppings that go with anything, the waffle cone pieces you can order on top of your ice cream is an excellent option as well.


Dulce De Leche is a creamy alternative to caramel sauce many people add to their ice cream, enhancing the flavor of any dessert! If you’re feeling adventurous, Strawberry Balsamic Glaze is an excellent option for many of our flavors when you’re looking to add a sweet but tart flavor of strawberry but with a subtle kick of the balsamic to enhance the flavor. Lemon Olive Oil is another option where the flavors in this topping are delicious with sweet or savory options, and brings a brightness to any flavor ice cream. But if you’re looking for something a little sweet, but still subtle, then Mike’s Hot Honey is the topping for you. Lastly, The classic Chocolate Sauce is available for anyone looking for a delicious and familiar flavor to accompany their ice cream.