Have Your Boozy Ice Cream and Eat it Too!

We’ve all been there. You’re craving something sugary but your plan for a raucous night on the town doesn’t have any time built in for a sweet stop (and you wouldn’t DARE cut into your cocktail inhalation).

Back in the day people might have settled for a little at-home pre-gaming with a pint of vanilla and a bottle of Malibu, or (god forbid) just eventually let go of their ice-creamy dream, and hoped a basket of after-dinner mints might materialize at some point in the night.

But hold on...we live in the era of instant gratification! There is no more trying in vain to remember the name of that sharp-dressed man who wrote that one book about Vietnam, we just Google it! We no longer have to wonder if we can find that wild-shaped wine decanter for less at another kitchen shop, we can simply check Amazon! And who remembers actually writing down titles of television shows or movies you’d like to watch when you get home? (Boy, the 90’s were TOUGH.) Now we can simply update our Netflix cue from our phone.

Oh, what a time to be alive!

Today you can get the booze you deserve after a stress-filled workday, plus the sweets you crave, all in the same spoonful - because we wouldn’t dare ask you to double fist a cold bowl and a dark bottle. No longer is there a reason to choose one or the other - it’s alcohol and ice cream, together at last, and it’s glorious! Boozy ice cream is here to stay.

Still not convinced? Well, we dare you to try to resist our Bourbon Kentucky Pie: vanilla bourbon ice cream blended with chunks of homemade pecan and chocolate chip pies. And you won’t even remember what you originally liked about plain old butterscotch once you’ve tasted our Banana Rum with Salted Butterscotch Caramel. Not a fan of the hard stuff? We’ve got just what the sweet-loving sommelier in you needs - a big, bold, beautiful Chocolate Cabernet! (Can you imagine the luscious legs on this beauty?)

Our alcohol-infused ice cream, which is made specifically for the 21+ crowd, has quickly become a St. Louis’ favorite, and for good reason. Our boozy ice cream creations are backed by a patent-pending process that has raised the bar for combining ice cream with wine, spirits, and locally-brewed beers. It’s the tastiest trade secret in existence!

See what Zagat had to say about our boozy ice cream in their article, 10 Boozy Ice Creams to Try This Summer Across America, or check out our list of "naughty" ice cream flavors here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t fret! Our flavors change often (and this includes our , so just give us a call at (314) 858-6100, or stop by our creamery at 1637 South 18th Street in Lafayette Square to see if your favorite libations made the list!

Tamara Keefe

Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery, 1637 S 18th St, St Louis, MO, 63104, United States