For the Love of Ice Cream

New Flavors to Love

Fall in love at Clementine's with some of our new seasonal flavors. Tantalizing White Chocolate Cherry, Blackberry Buttermilk, Soju Melon and Beet Strawberry will be lining our stable. Curious what's in those fantastic creations? Check out the descriptions below:

Blackberry Buttermilk

This sweet and tangy buttermilk ice cream is blended with luscious organic blackberries that will tempt any palate.

White Chocolate Cherry

Smooth, sweet white chocolate blends with tart Fabbri Amarena cherries to create this lovely blend which will have you falling in love all over again...with ice cream that is.

Soju Melon

This Korean inspired flavor was created in collaboration with Seoul Taco. We combine honeydew melon and Soju liqueur for a super refreshing boozy delight.

Beet Strawberry

Another addition to our vegan ice cream lineup, this local concoction is made from cold-pressed organic beets and sweet strawberries.

Be sure check out our menu to see what's currently being scooped at our Lafayette Square ice cream shop.

A Creation of Love

Still looking for that perfect gift? Gift your love through ice cream and create a flavor as unique as your partner. Whether it's the flavor of the dessert you shared on your first date or the taste of a romantic island getaway, our flavor temptress will help you create the perfect flavor to declare your love. This fantastic gift is available a a boozy ice cream treat or non. Each order will get you 10 delicious pints to share which will be available at our Lafayette Square location.

Clementine's Create Your Own Flavor

You Get:

10 Pints of your Custom Flavor available to be picked up at our Lafayette Square store. 

*Now available for shipping! Regional rates apply.


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Don't forget! Clementine's marks the spot for a great date spot. Our quiet little corner, cute storefront and tasty boozy ice cream creations are perfect for setting the mood for the perfect date. Also, break the ice and #puckerforapint for your chance to win free ice cream for a year and possibly the hand of your partner. #nopressure

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