FALL-ing for the season!

The time has come! The leaves are changing, the air is getting crisper, and the flavors are getting spicier! Well… Missouri hasn’t quite gotten the fall season memo, but maybe our seasonal flavors can coax fall into an arrival!

Our Fall Lineup: Gooey PCP, Vietnamese Cinnamon Apple Pie, and Bourbon Kentucky Pie.

Basic Ugg Boots Optional:

A spicy twist to a Saint Louis staple, the gooey butter cake, the Gooey PCP adds a little more excitement to a familiar flavor. This delectable new flavor is popping with spicy and nutty pumpkin pie ice cream, containing chunks of sinful caramel pecan gooey butter cake. OOOOOH goodness it’s delicious. This flavor is bound to make you think of a delicious twist between gooey butter cake and pumpkin pie. What do you top something that sounds so sinfully delicious? Why some waffle cone pieces, maple cinnamon madness and honey whipped cream of course!

 Gooey PCP

Gooey PCP

A Delectable Transformation of An American Classic:

Ask, and you shall receive, back by popular demand! The Vietnamese Cinnamon Apple Pie has returned and with all of the delectable flavors you know and love. Vietnamese cinnamon is different from your conventional cinnamon as it is the sweetest cinnamon available and can only be found in Vietnam. A high-quality flavor and spicy fragrance that Vietnamese cinnamon provides, transports you to exotic destinations without the airline ticket!  Speaking of transporting your palate, Vietnam and Madagascar are well over 4,000 miles apart, but this cinnamon blended into our Madagascar vanilla ice cream with chunks of scratch-made apple pie tastes like these flavors have always been meant to be! Curious what to pair this ice cream with? Might we suggest a scoop of our Thai tea ice cream, some salted crack caramel, Salted pecans and our house-made honey whipped cream? #puretemptation

Time to get a little Naughty:

Bourbon. Kentucky. Pie. Yep, you read that right, we’re busting out the bourbon and blending it with our Madagascar vanilla ice cream. But we don't stop there! The bourbon-vanilla ice cream combo is then blended to perfection with house-made crunchy and sweet chunks of Derby...er... Kentucky chocolate pecan pie throughout. Let the sinfulness begin! Want to top it off? How about some cracker candy and a drizzle of chocolate fudge sauce to really put you in ice cream heaven!