Clementine's Creamery Menu | Boozy & Vegan Ice Cream in St Louis




Our decadent ice cream is made in small batches and all menu items are subject to change. Please call or email us for exact menu offerings.
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  • Gooey Butter Cake

    Tangy cream cheese, butter, & chunks of our delicious scratch-made Gooey Butter Cake.

  • Salted Crack Caramel

    Rich caramel, sea salt, vanilla, and our scratch made cracker candy pieces.

  • Tommy’s Toffee Butter Brickle

    Our own handmade toffee ice cream blended with Bissinger's English toffee bits. A sweet taste of English tradition.

  • Strawberry Balsamic

    Smoky white pepper and scratch-made balsamic vinaigrette glaze swirled in our strawberries and cream ice cream. The perfect balance of sweet, spice, and fruit.

  • Italian Butter Cookie

    This deliciously rich ice cream evokes memories of being in your Italian grandmother's kitchen and licking the Italian speculoos cookie batter off the spoon.

  • Madagascar Vanilla

    A combination of the most sought after beans in the world and our proprietary dairy base. Perfectly light, sweet and rich.

  • Apollo

    This cosmic chocolatey ice cream has moons of mini marshmallows throughout and swirls of creamy caramel like galaxies.

  • Midnight Pleasures

    Double-dark chocolate ice cream made from three African chocolates for those who like it dark, rich and strong.

  • Sweet Cornbread

    Famous homemade cornbread dipped in white chocolate, peppered throughout a luscious sweet corn ice cream.

  • Sweet & Smokey BBQ

    Bold, sweet-and-savory creation featuring our decadent ice cream infused with Capitalist Pig’s signature Sweet Jesus BBQ sauce and – yes you’re reading this correctly – chunks of smoky brisket.

  • Blue Moon

    Our vibrant Blue Moon ice cream will have you jumping over the moon with tart raspberry-lemon notes and a smooth almond finish.

  • Strawberry Bliss

    Eckert's strawberries folded into our decadent base with caramelized strawberry sauce and toasted pop tart pieces.


  • Manhattan

    Rally Point Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, tart cherry juice and a touch of vanilla. A classic cocktail made into a beautifully boozy ice cream concoction.

  • Maple Bourbon w/ Candied Pecans

    Rebel Yell bourbon, maple syrup, sea salt, and vanilla with our salted candied pecans swirled in.

  • Boozy Banana Rum

    Roasted banana with Vietnamese cinnamon, spiced rum and salted butterscotch caramel swirl. A Caribbean concoction with a creamy twist make this one of our classic boozy ice cream creations.

  • Chocolate Milk Stout

    4 Hand’s Brewery Chocolate Milk Stout ice cream. Back by popular demand! The creamiest, milkiest, chocolatiest, stoutiest ice cream in the world.

  • B-52

    This delicious new boozy flavor is a twist on the delightful layered shot named after the band. It combines the coffee notes of Kahlua, creamy Irish cream and a touch of Gran Marnier. The only thing it's missing is the flame!

  • Amaretto Sour

    Decadent Disaronno finished with tart lemon and lime and finished with a touch of cherry juice to create a delicious boozy dessert.

  • Pink Champagne

    Simply decadent, pink champagne transformed into a naughty boozy sorbet.

  • Chocolate Cabernet

    Our signature Kickass Chocolate ice cream infused with a big, bold Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine pairing has never been this indulgent.

  • Old Fashioned

    Still 630's local RallyPoint Rye Whiskey is the star of this creamy sensation. Just like the classic American Cocktail, perfect for every palette.


  • Cashew Salted Caramel

    Crafted with cashew milk, sweetened with dates and balanced with a touch of sea salt, this vegan treat is a can't-miss.

  • Coconut Chocolate Fudge

    Coconut milk, rich dark chocolate, and just a touch of sea salt.

  • Lychee

    A delicate and floral fruit popular in southeast asian countries, blended with our creamy base to create the perfect summer treat.

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  • Lava Love

    Warm molten lava cake topped with hot fudge and a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

  • Signature Sundae

    One scoop of Gooey Butter Cake & a scoop of Salted Crack Caramel topped with hot fudge, salted candied pecans, and fresh honey whipped cream.

  • Affogato

    One scoop or Madagascar Vanilla with a shot of espresso.

  • Sundae at the Ballpark

    Cracker-jacks, chocolate covered peanuts, a Molasses Puff from local craft chocolatier Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, and a dollop of whipped cream- plus, strawberry sauce and what’s a sundae without a cherry on top.