Partners on Park

St. Louis is a pretty great city to be a foodie. We’re home to such local delicacies as provel cheese, toasted ravioli, and pork steaks. But it’s our sweets that get us most excited, especially Gooey Butter Cake.

Legend has it that Gooey Butter Cake was created entirely by accident. In the 1930s, a local baker reversed the measurements of butter and flour when attempting to make a traditional cake. The rest is delicious, decadent history. And sorry, Paula Deen, it’s NOT your signature dessert. It’s our city that put it on the map.

Nobody makes Gooey Butter Cake like Park Avenue Coffee and that’s why we are proud to partner with them to make our top selling ice cream flavor: Gooey Butter Cake (don’t fix a name that ain’t broke). Constantly ranked as the best Gooey Butter Cake in the world and a winner on Food Network’s “Food Feuds,” Park Avenue was the obvious choice to partner with.

Park Avenue Coffee offers 76 different flavors of Gooey Butter Cake. No, that’s not a typo - they really offer SEVENTY-SIX flavors. We blend the “Mom’s Traditional” Gooey Butter Cake with our housemade Gooey Butter Cake flavored ice cream to make one of the best partnerships you will EVER taste. Don’t just take our word for it, visit Park Avenue Coffee to try some of their decadent creations for yourself. Just don’t try to tackle all 76 flavors in one evening, unless you want a severe tummy ache.

And you know what else was invented by accident in St. Louis? The Waffle Cone. So please, try our Gooey Butter Ice Cream in our handmade waffle cones. Two wrongs make a right, right??  You will never be more proud to be from St. Louis when the tastes of Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery and Park Avenue Coffee merge to make the best ice cream in St. Louis!

Tamara Keefe

Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery, 1637 S 18th St, St Louis, MO, 63104, United States